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 Terulian Agriner

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Name:  Terulian Agriner
Nickname: Tare
Age: 15
Gender: boy
Class: Weapon, spiked shield
Specialty: Hasn’t really discovered one yet
Partner: none yet
Picture: I cannot draw to save my life.
Appearance:   Short, stocky, not fat but not super ripped.  About 5’4 ish, maybe 5’3”, hazel eyes and dark brown hair, almost black but not quite. Fair skinned with a farmer's tan.   Tare is a relatively short but quite stocky guy, with considerable muscle under a decent layer of fat, so he’s not exactly buff, nor fat.

Personality:  He’s always been ‘that guy’ who lived far away from his school because his parents (super busy with their jobs, and not able to pay much attention to him) enrolled him, their only child, in a series of private schools, so he’s never really had much interaction with folks outside of school.  As such, he’s usually at a loss when it comes to trying to initiate conversations.  Never really having had a friend, he’s also not really sure how to return most positive feelings.  He likes to listen to music and to conversations, but is really hesitant when talking with people or when trying to start anything involving a group, such as walking first in line, initiating conversation, changing the topic of conversation, et cetera.  He’s a self-motivator, and can easily start just about anything, except interactions with lots of people.  He loves exercise, from just running to soccer, and had he gone to a regular school, he was going to try out for football, so despite his bulk he’s in relatively good shape.  He likes music and books, as they allow him to feel like he’s talking or being talked to, though he doesn’t so much sing as warble off-key.  He's rather difficult to get worked up about things either in a positive or negative manner.

Likes:  Being included in activities, physical activity, having someone to help.
Dislikes:  Being the center of attention, mayonnaise, being forced to sit quietly for long periods of time
Strengths:  Physically rather strong, eager to help
Weaknesses:  Unsure of what to do in social situations, hesitant, lonely
Hobbies:  Running, listening, music
         One of the few freedoms his parents allowed him was WHICH of the private institutions he got to attend, even if he hated all the choices.  After middle school, during high school selection, when the option to enroll in the DWMA was given to him, he realized this could be a chance to break out of the ‘go to another school that’s far away and have no local friends’ schtick.  His folks were rather surprised that the DWMA was on the list, as they sure didn’t put it there (who knows who recognized his talent and put it there for him to choose?), but they honored the lone choice they were offering their son, and sent him off.  Needless to say, for the short while he’s been there, he’s been overwhelmed by the number of people and doesn’t have a shield Meister yet, nor any friends really, as he’s not yet confident enough at expressing himself, but his grades are decent, and time will tell what happens to him.  He’s warming up to his roommates at least, which is more than he’s ever really had before.
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Terulian Agriner
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